How to use Skype software without internet connection ?

We all know that we are living in a digital marketing world. So nowadays the number of text messaging is reduced by 90% compared to past rating.

From the last few years of experiment, it found that the number of online video calling and video chat was increased by 90%.

Skype is one of the popular apps that will frequently used service for the online video calls and chatting. Apart from this Microsoft has more services like, MSN, Bing, Xbox, Store, Office etc. All are very popular in their particular field. But Microsofts this online

Today I am going to tell you how you can use this app without any skype premium account.
So, at first, go to the Spyke's official site or you can visit through Skype apps.
Here you will see two different option: 1) Download Skype, 2) Start a Conversation.

You need to go on "Start to Conversion".

After clicking on that, spyke automatically generates a key Url code for a temporary access purpose.

Next step for you that you need to send this temporary Url code to your friend/ contact person.

Then both of you connect this with spyke temporary Id and this Id is valid for the only 24 hours.

Now I think you can do video calls or voice calls without any Spyke normal or premium account.

So, if you have any problem regarding that you can share with us.