How to earn money through Bigo App?

BIGO is a new social media site and gets more and more popular from the last 2 years. BIGO is such type of site in which you can express or broadcast yourself to others/friends etc.

Though it is new in the market or in few country but millions of user regularly active on BIGo and spending lots of time on it. Actually, it is so popular that you can follow anyone, anytime for the lifetime. There are no extra charges to register.

Actually, I am going to share you how to install BIGO live video calling apps on your mobile phone and how to earn money from BIGO LIVE chatting app.
At first, I am going to share how to install BIGO Live video chatting app on your phone.

There are two different way to download. One is, you can download it directly from Google Play Store and secondly, you can download it as an APK file. 

But the download from Google play store is reliable and more important for your android phone. That's why at first you have to go Google Play Store and then type BIGO, then click on install.
 After that register yourself on BIGO through your mobile number and Email Id.
Now you are ready to broadcast yourself.

Now the second question is how to earn money from BIGO live video calling apps. 
 Though every BIGO user didn't have a chance to earn the real money from their BIGO account. Because before that you have to do something special that your followers can believe you and impressed by you. 

Now I am going to share how to earn real money from BIGO LIVE video chatting app.
Actually in BIGO, earning money is directly related to popularity on BIGO. 
The only way to earn money is by collecting beans and diamonds from your followers.

So, it is very important to impress your followers through BIGO live video calling apps. 
Whenever your friends/followers buy beans through BIGO and send your these beans, that is the only way to collect as free. 

And when the question is arise to withdraw that money, you need around 6700 beans where 10 beans are equal to 3 diamonds. 
Then you can convert these diamonds into money or you can use your  GOOGLE wallet to withdraw these beans up to $50-80.  

I think now you will understand how to get these beans through BIGO and convert it into the real money.

If you have any problem regarding that you can contact to me through the below cotact and comment box.