Best rooted apps for the android phones...

Root always be a difficult process for every android mobile user. Actually, Root process is only taken by any mobile, to done any unofficial thing against mobile permission. Basically, all the rooted apps are not suitable for all the mobile phones.

Root is not an easy process to do. Today I want to show you some of the best rooted apps that will help you to do this job in a very short time.
Here are the few apps that can be used for the rooting process.

1) Greenify: It is one of the popular root apps for the android device. This app si recommended by many mobile companies like ASUS. Apart from rooting, Greenify is used for other uses also, like clean RAM clear.
This app is clearly popular with its green color icon.

2) Lucky Patcher: Lucky patcher is a real competitor of Greenify. From my point of view, previously I was used Lucky Patcher as a game hacker. Actually, you can used for this one as a root app.

3) Quick Reboot: Quick reboot is a root app like Greenify and Lucky patcher, but ther problem is that it comes with paid version. You can download thsi app from Google play store with $1.99.It doesn't need any extra ram. It can be installed in any android phone. You can say that itis one of the power app.
So, if you have any problem regarding that you can share with us.
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